Factory Automation
        • Industrial automation specialised in discrete processes.
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Factory Automation

Industrial automation specialised in discrete processes

Discrete process engineering

We automate discrete processes, where the production line is sequential, by assembling and the transport of various components, to obtain the final product.

The experience gained over the years in the automotive industry has prepared us for the highest levels of complexity and dedication that we apply to other industries with discrete production processes.

The high technological development coupled with high professional standards have clearly determined Orbita Ingenieria’s character. Powerful and flexible project management methodologies, together with rigour and commitment in deadlines, service, and excellence in results, have generated the culture and work systems within the company that guarantee success in any type of project and sector.



Computer & artificial vision, automation & robotics, electrical, mechanical

Manufacturing and assembly

Mechanical design and manufacturing, integration of commercial components.


Operation and quality test in our facilities.

Production start-up

Start-up and accompaniment in the production start-up.

Support and Maintenance

24/7 Preventive, Corrective, Evolutive

Advantages of automating with Orbita

Flexible systems

Open for modifications and/or future expansions.

Commercial components

Standard devices on the market, tested in similar applications.


In our procedures to ensure quality, we work transparently with the customer, delivering a project that meets the agreed specifications and complies with regulations.


We centralise the work of multiple areas and provide a single point of contact with the customer.


experts in each sector