Process Automation
    • Industrial automation specialised in continuous flow processes
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Process Automation

Engineering for batch and continuous flow processing

Turn-key automation projects where technology is efficiently integrated in both continuous and batch processes.

Continuous process engineering is applied in the automation of processes in which the raw material flows constantly through the production plant and undergo thermodynamic, chemical or physical changes, obtaining a finished product continuously.

Batch engineering involves the dosing of raw materials at the different stages of the process, whose physical-chemical conditions have to be maintained at certain parameters, for which suitable control devices such as PLC or DCS and SCADA systems are used.

Project management and coordination

Quality control

Along with as built documentation and training.


  • Associated with data capture, raw material change monitoring and incident management.
  • Web or local applications for process monitoring and associated KPIs
  • SCADA displays definition for monitoring and data acquisition
  • Physical or virtual server platform

Programming and control

Of the process variables involved in control loops: temperature, pressure, speed, level, flow rate

  • Definition of control modules (sensors, valves, pumps)
  • Interlocks, alarms, graphical representation

Design and start-up

            • Functional analysis and detailed specification
            • P&ID layout and design or piping and instrumentation diagrams, showing the process flow on installed equipment.
            • Supply of tanks, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical equipment
            • SKID equipment, which integrates mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components for a more effective operation in FAT and SAT tests.

Advantages of automating with Orbita


Maximizes return on investment


Extensive technological and operational knowledge


We study needs and consider the optimal solution for the system


We centralise the work of multiple areas and provide a single point of contact with the customer


We work transparently with the customer, delivering a project that meets the agreed specifications and complies with regulations


Production start-up accompaniment and training are an essential part of the start-up


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