Corporate Culture

Design, assembly and implementation of technological solutions

Our goal is to improve the operational processes, management effectiveness and the results of our clients, with whom we actively collaborate creating long-term mutual trust relationships.

Why we are here

Our mission is to provide companies added value to their activities, improving job efficiency and the quality of the results, reducing costs and simplifying processes.

Orbita Ingenieria’s commitment is to find practical solutions using the best technology at the lowest possible cost. For this it is essential to have a broad product knowledge, a rational use of our experience and to fully understand the real needs of our customers, thus, sharing their goals and objectives.

Our future

Our vision is to be a well-established and recognised company, working hard to increase our prestige and be better every day. Our vocation is to endure and be a reference in the sectors in which we work. We want to be a company where people want to work and develop professionally.

How we are

Our values are our identifying traits. Our five values represent us and make us feel united, part of a project full of illusion and commitment.


Team work

We learn and evolve together

Personal fulfilment

People are our main asset and their fulfilment our goal

Commitment with the future

Your contribution today is tomorrow’s success


We accompany our customers toward success

Quality and service

Work, experience and dedication that generate confidence

Our solid background and a highly professional and cohesive human team vouches for us. We give the best of us to achieve inspiring goals and objectives, aligned with our customer’s satisfaction.

We work with leading national and international companies in different sectors of activity. From the different areas of Orbita Ingenieria we offer a complete coverage for all our projects, for this, we have technical, administrative and project management departments and a management team fully committed to a clear objective: use technology to achieve an intelligent management.

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