Comprehensive engineering solutions

What is the purpose of process automation? How does the installation currently work? What are the needs to cover? In Orbita we provide a planned solution to be efficient in resources and in deadlines, in order to achieve this objective.

Continuous technical training and thorough knowledge of state of the art of technology are the basis of our success. We are experts in the integration and design of hardware and software for various applications, depending on the industry. Thus, we develop a mechanical, electrical, control, computer and artificial vision design of our own. In addition, we test and choose the most appropriate commercial equipment on the market to meet our quality and integration requirements of the project needs.

Automation & Robotics

We perform PLC programming, SCADA and HMIS systems from various brands, including SIEMENS, Rockwell Automation, Omron and Phoenix Contact and others, integrating third party software systems and equipment. We perform the start-up of all the devices, drives and sensing elements. The user has a customised solution for the operation, monitoring and installation diagnosis. In all our developments we apply both the customer and our own standards.


Robotic engineering is a programming specialty in which our experts work to integrate the operation of industrial robots and collaborative robots into the automated production lines.


Information Technologies & Artificial Intelligence

We develop customised software based on a flexible, scalable, and usable approach.

We define global systems and service implementation architectures based on up-to-date technologies.

We develop data models that meet the requirements of the project.

We develop frameworks to provide projects development with the adequate technological support.

Our artificial vision engineering applies image recognition and processing through neural networks and deep learning, as base technology on which to support product and project software developments, the latter adapted to the needs of the customer.



Electrical & Instrumentation

We develop the appropriate electrical engineering for each automation solution, from electrical drawings in EPLAN to the final manufacturing, assembly and labelling of electrical cabinets. Our engineers work in direct collaboration with the electrical workshop technicians in our facility.


Mechanics & Process

We design with 2D and 3D CAD tools and volumetric parts, as well as complete assemblies that accurately represent the installation for subsequent manufacturing. We make mechanical designs of our standard products and also customised solutions.

In batch or continuous process engineering, we propose consulting services that include conceptual and basic engineering, as well as professional detail engineering services for the complete definition of the production process and production needs.

In Orbita we apply technology for intelligent management

Our goal is to design, assemble and implement automation solutions that improve our customers’ operations, process management and business outcomes. For this reason, for us technology only makes sense if it is applied and correctly integrated according to a previous analysis of the process, following a specified purpose.