Mechanics & Process

Mechanics & Process


Our mechanical and process engineers lay the foundation for analysis and design for the mechanical elements of the installation. The physical part that supports the digital part must be designed according to the appropriate parameters according to the initial specifications. Additionally, 3D design and BIM data modelling tools are applied, which are the basis for future comprehensive digitisation.

Previous studies and feasibility

Development of conceptual and basic engineering, prior to detail engineering, for:

  • Finite element calculation
  • Structural calculations
  • Process calculations: thermal transfers/load losses
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic diagrams
  • Generation of detailed equipment specifications



Design and execution of the model


Each model is developed taking into account electrical, computer and automation parameters, as well as assembly and start-up of the complete solution, depending on the application for which they are intended.

  • CAD / 3D design
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • 2D Implantations (layouts)
  • P&ID for Process Automation





  • Documentation and assembly follow-up along with our on-site technical workshop team.
  • Quality control throughout the cycle from mechanical design, manufacturing to assembly and start-up
  • SAT / FAT tests


  • Market research for the selection of commercial equipment with better technical characteristics for its application.
  • Standardisation of 3D elements and libraries
  • Standardisation of manuals and CE marking
  • Procedures standardisation




  • We define products based on the standardisation of mechanical engineering
  • Modular and scalable products
  • Industry-specific products
  • Tested and validated by our engineering and workshop team
  • Adaptable to customer needs


Validations and training

  • CE certifications for machines and facilities
  • APQ regulations and pressure equipment
  • Customised training and functional manuals for operations, performance and maintenance at the end of a project