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2D/3D Guidance

The Orbita Ingenieria robotic guidance systems, together with the OS3D range of sensors, are designed to ensure the robotic systems a correct approach and collection of parts which position is not stable. These parts can be presented on a cart or transport that is not accurate, thus avoiding the use of centring systems. The system extracts three-dimensional information from 2D images obtained by one or more sensors, as needed.

The range of OS3D sensors are designed to be accurate, reliable and easy to incorporate into manufacturing processes. To minimize integration times, the sensors are sold factory calibrated and feature tools for automatic detection of network-connected devices, also, the user interface makes sensor configuration and maintenance simple and intuitive.

All sensors in the OS3D range incorporate their own light source and advanced exposure control ensuring their robustness against ambient lighting changes, while 3D Guidance software provides optimised algorithms for different finishes and materials used in the industry.