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360º inspection

Quality control in production lines is indispensable in the industry, both to ensure the quality and finishing of the products as to increase productivity and efficiency. Thanks to artificial vision-based technology, it is possible to automate the inspection processes of all types of products in the production line itself.

A particular case is cylindrical packaging, such as bottles, cans or jars, which is very common in the industrial sector, a form that makes their labelling difficult to inspect. Conventional solutions based on flat images fail to ensure packaging quality.

To solve this problem, Orbita Ingenieria has developed an innovative system of perimeter image reconstruction. Based on three-dimensional reconstruction techniques and from 4 or 6 flat images, a synthetic image of the entire perimeter of the packaging is obtained. Thanks to the possibility of adding an additional camera on the top, we are able to obtain a complete view of the entire surface of the packaging.