Bags conveyor

Sometimes production processes need solutions that are not in the market. Special solutions that enable you to undertake new automation processes or improve existing processes with improved solutions. Designing a BIGBAG load management system without taking up floor space, to allow an accessible and easy-to-clean area, with semi-automatic loading and unloading, RFID identification, is one of our challenges.

In Orbita Ingenieria we have experience in different engineering areas that allows us to design, manufacture and automate any type of semi-automatic assembly according to the needs of the customer.

The design, manufacture, installation and start-up of an accumulation chain conveyor allowed energy savings over market solutions in heavy load handling of 1,500Kg. in an environment with a high presence of suspended particles allowing access to 100% of the floor for cleaning according to plant quality standards, with RFID traceability at the different dosing points of material for quality control, and adapting it to the needs of one of our clients.