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Body Temperature Control System

We offer a compact, automatic, non-contact solution to measure body temperature at the point of entry and exit of personnel in the company.


The system is supplied in a compact form in an integrated totem, which includes a thermal imaging camera and a computer with the control software.


The thermal imaging camera takes the body temperature. Depending on the application of the system, it is possible for each sector or customer to choose between BASIC, PRO and PREMIUM versions, which differ in the type of thermal imaging camera used and therefore measurement accuracy.


On the PREMIUM version we use quality hardware tested in the SARS epidemic of 2003, the H1N1 of 2009 and approved by the FDA in 2004, which follows the ISO standard: IEC 80601-2-59:2017 and provides reliable data logging for possible legal requirements.


Pro and PREMIUM versions include an industrial computer with a 19” display, integrated into the totem, which allows to install the software that communicates with the thermal camera with the existing external devices, as well as with third-party systems.


The totem in its BASIC version shows the temperature data in real time. In its PRO and PREMIUM version, it also includes an integrated display to show the user the instructions for use and whether the temperature in the access is suitable or unsuitable, in addition to an automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser (1 litre) with hand proximity sensor, no need for contact. The totem is customisable with the company logo.


In the PRO and PREMIUM versions, optional integration with the client systems is offered, such as access control (QR, DNIe, RFID / NFC and fingerprint reader) and ERP.

  • Real-time data.
  • 1 to 2.3 metres distance measurement prevents any contact.
  • Access data.
  • Temperature
  • Entry and exit time.
  • Stability in the PREMIUM version of ±0.3º in 99% of measurements.
Technical features
  • Temperature logging at access.
  • Totem with camera.


For PRO and PREMIUM versions:


  • Industrial computer
  • Possibility to block the entrance in case of a high temperature alarm.
  • ERP integration capability for data monitoring.
  • Possibility to integrate it to the access control system to link the temperature data with the user ID obtained via QR, DNIe, RFID/NFC, fingerprint or other media.
  • 19” display (shows whether the temperature is suitable or unsuitable) and 1 litre capacity hydroalcoholic gel dispenser.
  • Detection of face mask use by the user.
  • Remote data monitoring.
  • System for indoor use.
Product video

Do you want to see how the actual system video works in our office?

Click on the YouTube video to open it in full screen and with audio.