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Cardboard printing and die-cutting inspection

Artificial vision is the key to improve the quality of the production process. Using this technology, Orbita Ingenieria has developed a product for quality control of print lines and die-cutting cardboard or other materials.

Today, companies in the sector have invested to achieve optimal manufacturing while minimising waste generation. With our product you can take one step ahead, as it provides early warning of misalignment in the production line.

Through experience in developing artificial vision-based applications and our close collaboration with our customers of the sector, we are able to offer an optimised quality control system to meet the quality requirements demanded by the industry.


The user-friendly concept is the key to artificial vision systems developed by Orbita Ingenieria. Productive processes in the sector require many models, and this is where the importance of the concept lies. With AutoTeach technology, the system is able to configure new products with a single click. On the other hand, in order to maximize the system capacity, it is possible for an advanced user to define additional quality checks on specific products.

Comprehensive Solution

In order to reduce costs, our product is easily integrated into the existing production line. Defective products can be automatically ejected or marked for later review by an operator. Our engineering team can customise the process to your needs and study the most efficient place for the system.

Our quality inspection system is able to inspect 100% of your production and focuses on two important aspects of the product: print quality and die-cutting quality of the product.

For print quality verification, the system is capable of controlling multiple parameters, such as print quality, dot gain, missing prints, or Moiré patterns. Additionally, the system is able to control the position, integrity and sharpness of printed objects and to verify the tonality of the homogeneous zones, taking into account ink smudges, streaking in the print and mottled prints, among others.

For die-cutting control, the system checks the die match against the configured model. In this case, the position and presence of cuts made and the absence of parts of the cardboard are verified. Additionally, the system is capable of a more precise dimensional control of the product.