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Line and batch mixers

When the change is almost daily, batch manufacturing processes allow for the flexibility that the market demands (time-to-market). If we link planning, production and manufacturing equipment of the plant through the right tools, we achieve the desired production flexibility.

To achieve this, we can communicate business management software with the materials warehouse control system, recipe editing system, industrial control system, and so on, so that a planning change can quickly reach manufacturing. Orbita Ingenieria is an integrating engineering, capable of linking the different systems existing in the plant or designing, developing and implementing different software.

In the case of in-line manufacturing, the main difficulty that exists in the production plants is that each machine (filler, oven, pasteuriser, etc.) is independent, and therefore its integration, both horizontal and vertical is necessary to make in-line production possible. The plant control system (DCS) is the brain capable of joining each of the elements that make up the production. In Orbita Ingenieria, as automation specialists, we design, develop and put into operation production plants based on customer requirements, with total independence from the machines or equipment to be used.