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Loading of raw materials

From the tanks to the storage rooms, the transfer of the majority of raw material is carried out by a pumping equipment. Orbita Ingenieria analyses all factors that can impact the choice of pump type, which is a key factor for optimal operation and long system life.

These factors include the characteristics of the raw material to be pumped, such as: temperature maintenance, distance and travel to final deposits, or discharge time. Orbita Ingenieria studies the factors involved and proposes the pump system designed specifically for each customer, always choosing among the main manufacturers of the market.

There are other important issues such as proper pump selection, such as tank-to-grounding detection systems, tank outlet flow regulation for in-line dilutions, traceability of discharged product (volume, density, lot, supplier, ARC, etc.), pigging system to share discharge lines, or communication with the storage control system to ensure situations such as overflow. Orbita Ingenieria collects and analyses all information with the objective to present a comprehensive, secure, automatic and customised global solution.