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Meat plant management system

Los sistemas de gestión de plantas cárnicas de Órbita consisten en una completa visualización de cada uno de los lotes de productos cárnicos, agrupados en bandejas, y la adquisición de datos que determinan sus características en tiempo real, para un seguimiento preciso y una correcta trazabilidad a lo largo de la línea de transporte.

System monitoring is provided by ID or identification points located in different areas of the facility. In these IDPs the main product identification actions are made, weighing and destination management. Each one consists of equipment comprised of RFID terminals, readers, scales and antennas, as well as an application with a defined graphical interface for optimum usability.

Advanced criteria are established for correct routing and searching of trays along the conveyor and at its branches using RFID antennas. These transmit data to control the tray transport process and interact with the logical and persistence information layer.

The solution involves a modular architecture, which gives the system great flexibility, allowing to add new elements that interact with the system without compromising the robustness and performance of the system.