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Multi-control inspection

Artificial vision is the key to improve the quality of your production process. Using this technology, Orbita Ingenieria has developed a Multi Error-Proofing system for quality control of production lines in the automotive sector.

The Multi Error-Proofing system relies on data collection from multiple cameras. The number of cameras depends on the system to be inspected, being fully scalable and adaptable to the needs.

Why are Multi Error-Proofing systems important? Defective products are the result of some error in the production process (omission of any operation, adjustment or configuration errors, etc.) or due to the assembly with defective parts. Eliminating defects is the objective to improve quality, reducing costs and improve overall competitiveness. To do this, Multi Error-Proofing systems play an essential part, since they allow early detection of defects in the process, alerting in real time to possible problems on the line.

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