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Pasteuriser / Stabiliser

Pasteurisation is a process that eliminates pathogenic microorganisms from products by thermal treatment at certain temperatures. This is why it is a fairly important system in the food industry, mainly in dairy products and derivatives, juices and soft drinks.

In Orbita Ingenieria we offer automated pasteurisation systems customised to the requirements of the process and the product, adjusting all parameters and requirements to the production needs. From 96ºC pasteurisers to 135ºC UHT sterilizers, with the possibility of in-line cooling for direct packaging in addition to the possibility of preparing the system to be self-cleaning using CIP solutions

Due to the knowledge of the entire process, we optimise the exchange system so that the greatest energy recovery is obtained in the intermediate stages. In Orbita Ingenieria we offer a customised solution, adjusting by design, flow rates and times in the retainer, as well as a complete integration of the equipment with existing systems in the production plant.