In industries such as cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceuticals or food, it is currently necessary to have the best reactors, equipped with the latest technology to obtain the best quality results in an optimal manner.

Orbita Ingenieria offers customised solutions for each customer. We have a mechanical engineering department that carries out the design according to the needs of the product to be manufactured.

Our reactors have state-of-the-art equipment for mixing and manufacturing homogeneity. They have systems adapted according to the need, for loading of solids and liquids by vacuum, either by nozzles or hoppers for the introduction of raw materials. Warm-up and cool-down times are optimised due to their high performance. They are equipped with a recirculation system which, in addition to achieving an appropriate mix, allows the reactor to be self-cleaning.

In addition, they are equipped with a control system adapted to industry 4.0, capable of manufacturing in a completely automatic and integrable way in batch processes. This system has an intuitive operator interface, allowing you to configure and monitor the manufacture at all times. It allows to create recipes, and is provided with a record for the acquisition of manufacturing data (temperatures, weights, pressures, etc.).