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Robotised cells with 2D/3D guidance

In process automation, to allow the adaptation of the same to productive processes that do not present a repeatability of locating components at the work points. It is necessary to provide the automatic system with dynamic and reliable correction systems. Given the current capabilities of image acquisition and image processing systems, artificial vision guidance is currently one of the most suitable technical solutions in many processes and applications.

In Orbita Ingenieria we have experience applying this technique in numerous projects implemented in different sectors. Analysing the challenges presented by our customers to define the technical-economic solution that best suits their needs allowing the automation of the process in a reliable way.

Within the solutions developed and implemented by ORBITA Ingeniería we find 2D systems, (which allow the spatial location of objects to be detected in a plane, indicating variations in two axes X, Y and an angle of rotation), and 3D, (allowing the spatial location of objects to be detected in space, indicating variations on three axes X, Y, Z and with 3 rotation angles). This will allow the automatic system to adapt to the position variation of the parts dynamically.