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Silos for raw materials

The storage of the majority of raw materials at the plant is now essential for the supply to production without generating stock-outs. Orbita makes an in-depth study of the production process, material consumption, plant distribution and many other factors, and proposes a storage area/warehouse designed according to the needs of our customers.

In this way, Orbita presents a layout and dimensioning design adapted to the existing space and consumption requirements of the plant. Orbita designs and manufactures the tanks/silos specifically for each raw material, taking into account the necessary building materials, dimensioning and conservation requirements.

Since the raw material warehouse is vital for production, real-time monitoring and control of stocks is very important. Orbita studies industrial communications facilities and infrastructures and proposes appropriate and specific automation.  For tank/silo level control, it is common to install equipment such as load cells or radars. The choice of technology and instrumentation depends on the construction of the silo (indoor/outdoor) and raw material (liquid/solid). After a review of the installations and subsequent analysis, Orbita Ingenieria proposes the best technical/technological solution specifically designed for the needs of our customers.