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Smelting vessel

In order to make products in a reactor, raw materials need to be melted and adapted in a smelting vessel beforehand. This step is just as important as the manufacture process in the reactor, since a correct melting in a homogeneous manner will increase the quality of the final result.

Our smelting vessel are designed according to the needs of each customer. During the mechanical detail engineering, the correct sizing of the tank or liner is made, the choice of agitation, and the vessel is equipped with the necessary instruments according to the needs. Our smelting vessels are prepared to work with steam or hot water. Warm-up and cool-down times are optimised thanks to their high performance

They are equipped with a control system adapted to industry 4.0. This system has an intuitive operator interface, allowing you to configure and monitor the manufacture at all times. The system also has a record for the acquisition of manufacturing data (temperatures, weights, pressures, etc.).