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Unloading of raw materials

The transfer of the majority of raw material from the storage areas to the manufacturing or mixing equipment (reactors, fermenters, tanks, etc.) is achieved by pumping equipment. The choice of pump type is essential for proper operation and long system life. Orbita Ingenieria studies all the factors involved, for example: characteristics of the raw material to be pumped, temperature maintenance, type and dimension of the source tank, distance and travel to final equipment, required flow rates, etc.

After analysing all the factors Orbita Ingenieria proposes the best pumping system, always taking into account the main manufacturers of the market and looking for the option that best fits our customers.

Regardless of the need for a central pumping room or pumps on the shop floor, the facility must be managed by a control system. The control of the cooling systems of pumping equipment, flow detection, pressure/temperature control, origin registration (lot number, supplier, ARC, etc.) and especially the intercommunication with the target equipment to manage product requests, make the process safe, traceable and diagnosable.