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The goal is to be able to make bowl changes and multiple types of screws by collaborative robot in mode 4 over a cycle time of 22sec.

In this case we exchanged a double bowl H17/T45 and a single bowl H13.


Achieve a bowl exchanger of a robust, highly reliable, small size design without risk of trapping or cutting in the exchange process.


Collaborative Robot in Mode 4

Kuka iiwa collaborative robot installation with Atlas Copco screwdriver with a torque greater than 37Nm.

Prior study for pressure measurement and force control of the collaborative robot.

Reduced speed.


Innovative mechanical design of the automatic bowl change system that avoids the risk of cutting and trapping.


Data exchange to optimise the cycle time, so that a previous bowl change is made based on the motor model we identified in the previous station of the production line.


Performing a maximum of 2 screws including changing the bowl in a cycle time of less than 22sec.

No safety scanners are required allowing operators to interact with the system without any risk.

Elimination of station stops due to uncontrolled access. Increased machine availability.

Integrated system for engines transport and continuous flow.

Project video

This video recorded in our facility reflects the movement of the screw driving robot and allows you to visualize our innovative mechanical glass exchange system.