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From fruit reception passing through the juicer, centrifugal pumps, evaporators, pasteurisers to fillers, Orbita Ingenieria offers its wide experience at the customer’s service in each of the processes.


Fruit processing plants are very complex as they are an in-line process, where the auxiliary storage of product (juice, emulsion, oils, etc.) in the production line is very limited, requiring precision in the automated systems and avoid stopping the process.


Orbita Ingenieria designs and implements complete installations, but also specific projects, mainly those of great complexity, where engineering is necessary and gives a differentiating value. That is to say, in equipment with high design and commissioning complexity, such as evaporators or pasteurisers.


All equipment and facilities that service the line production equipment are included in our scope. Automation and control needs are also relevant. We talk about water (osmosis plants, wells, chlorination and filtration systems), steam (boilers) and compressed air (compressors), among others.

From the point of view of industrial computing we develop and integrate systems for printing and managing labels, data exploitation (ERP), and report generation.


Órbita Ingeniería participa de primera mano en el diseño, selección, instalación, montaje, programación y puesta en marcha de todos los equipos del proceso de producción.