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Any remote pumping, storage in tanks, filtration, treatment or regulation station needs to be automated to a greater or lesser extent, including all the instrumentation necessary to know the condition of the plant at all times. Orbita has designed and implemented the automation of hundreds of stations incorporating a very important point: data transmission with control centres. Solutions based on different means of transmission (cable, fibre, radio, GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiMax, etc.) linked to different communication protocols (Sinaut, Modbus, IEC 104, S7, etc.) allow the stations to communicate with the control centres in a simple or redundant way (different means). In the event that data cannot be sent to the control centre, systems have been implemented that allow the dated data to be stored in the stations to be sent later and not lose any information.


Redundant monitoring and control systems

Multiple monitors, video wall, web clients for remote monitoring by multiple operators simultaneously

Integration of external systems

Data exploitation

Alarm warning

By SMS or email and automated ordering are all the control centre variants we have implemented.


This allows us to cover from small control and monitoring centres where an operator works in a single station to the most complex and demanding where they need high availability and multiple operators work monitoring hundreds of stations.


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