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Based on the user requirements we conducted a study of all elements of the installation and the possible factors that could have an influence, such as the type of products being manufactured, dimensions of the equipment, the lengths of lines, the desired cleaning times, compatibility of materials with chemicals or water and steam quality. Finally, a cleanability study is performed to determine which cleaning products and conditions are optimal.


Microbiological decontamination systems for contaminated effluents. Digester systems (chemical treatment), or thermal sterilisation systems, either in batches or continuous. The designs are customised to the needs of each customer, ensuring an efficiency system that can be validated and customised to the characteristics of the project. In Orbita Ingenieria we have proven solutions that guarantee microbiological containment and optimised energy consumption.

Sterilisation systems

Due to hygiene and sterilisation needs in industries such as pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics high quality products are produced, which must be kept sterile by high temperatures, either in the product itself or by using steam treated for cleaning and sterilisation of the line.


experts in each sector