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Orbita Ingenieria incorporates an extraordinary added value to its projects through its automation systems, developed by a strong core of experts with specific skills and experience in each sector.

From modularity in small projects to the creation of large plants, the automation and control systems of Orbita Ingenieria communicate the field sensors and PLCs with higher layers of software such as MES or ERPs, providing real-time monitoring of the process, as well as KPIs and statistics for further analysis.


PLC based control systems

Today’s industry, for its optimal operation and management, requires automated control systems with a high degree of reliability to obtain the maximum performance of industrial processes and to minimise errors in the different production phases. Our large capacity and resources allow us to fully build a customised control system, from the analysis, engineering and design phase, manufacturing and subsequent implementation and start-up at the customer’s premises.

ATEX specific control systems

In-depth knowledge of the regulations that apply to the different production areas, depending on the materials, products and processes that are performed in them is essential for a proper design of the manufacturing systems. The inherent risks in areas classified as ATEX must be treated being fully aware of them, as well as with technical and methodological rigour.

Migrations and upgrades

A control system with obsolete equipment poses a very significant risk to production, on the one hand because of the lack of spare parts, but also because of the difficulty or limitations to improve the systems. In many cases, making obsolete PLC/SCADA operational changes is more expensive than making them on current systems.

SACDA monitoring systems

In Orbita we work with multiple commercial SCADAs, but in particular we are Siemens certified WinCC specialists, our programmers receive training and are examined annually, also attending improvement presentation conferences at the Siemens plant in Germany.

DCS Distributed Control Systems

Distributed control systems apply to complex plants and processes, where consistency in all control and monitoring systems is guaranteed, standardisation in programming, and a high degree of vertical integration, from the formulation of a recipe, for example, to the field signals that give us information of the process status.

Recipes management systems

Recipes play a key role in batch management systems (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industries), based on the ISA-88 standard, enabling users to take control of the production process, adapt to changes and verify product quality.

Remote control systems

Any water, energy or transport system in which different stations interact with each other, or these stations are unattended, requires centralisation and monitoring control. In orbit we design and implement remote control systems using any communication channel (Wifi, WiMAX, 4G, radio, …) or a combination of them, using standard protocols such as Siemens Sinaut or IEC-101/104.

Industrial communications

Within any industrial environment, communication with the different systems and devices involved in the process is essential. To this end, Orbit Ingeniería has a communications platform that allows integration with different systems within the corresponding process, whether they are programmable controllers, robots or other sensors.

Process gesture control system

For processes that require human intervention, with the objective to improve ergonomics and the temporal response of the actions performed, Orbita Ingenieria integrates “machine learning” in its processes providing gesture response to the systems that require it.


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