Industrial computing has recently become an inseparable companion of industrial automation. Next to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), an industrial computer with software destined from the simple storage of information and its subsequent visualization, to more complex applications controlling the production, appears more and more frequently. serving as information gateway between most industrial elements and the most advanced management systems.

Warehouse management systems

Currently, any automatic warehouse requires customised software that optimises the management of goods, which is flexible and equipped with the necessary intelligence in the event of unforeseen changes in the process (incidents, quarantines, etc.). To do this, the system is developed based on the functionality required by each customer and interconnected with any system involved in the process.

Meat plant management system

El sistema de Órbita consiste en una completa visualización de cada uno de los lotes de productos cárnicos, agrupados en bandejas, y la adquisición de datos que determinan sus características en tiempo real, para un seguimiento preciso y una correcta trazabilidad a lo largo de la línea de transporte.

Mobile Product Identification System

It is a software solution that easily integrates into any smart wearable system (iOS/Android), which assists in identifying materials through DM, RFID, Barcodes and 2D codes to obtain both their information as their process data easily integrating it with higher software level systems such as MES or ERP.

MES Systems

A MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is an advanced system that can be used to manage all production processes in the plant in a much more efficient manner. It is a standalone solution that integrates with ERP. At Orbita Ingenieria, we opt for a modular development that allows to integrate commercial solutions with more modules as requested by the customer, always maintaining a standardisation of the process in both the lower communication layer (industrial devices) and the higher layer (ERP, BI).

Industrial equipment inventory

Increasingly, since industrial computing is more present in automation, the management and maintenance of the computer equipment used in this field is decentralised between the IT departments and production/maintenance areas. As a solution, Orbita Ingenieria has developed a software to inventory this type of equipment, manage its information (function performed, hardware, software, antivirus, etc.) and the storage of backups and alarm systems to maintain them correctly updated.

Production warning system by radio frequency

A simple system with fast online integration, allowing the use of an RF network for a numerous push buttons and warning clocks. The system does not require installation and its implementation requires a minimal investment. It enables production efficiency, minimising incidents or material shortages response times, all orchestrated by a web application that stores all the information and can be viewed from any device, whether it’s a tablet, PC or mobile.

DPCs design and management

Production automation is increasingly in need of IT equipment, and these end up being critical, for which it is necessary to define an appropriate architecture and capabilities that minimise equipment faults and shutdowns.


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