To position ourselves at the forefront in an increasingly competitive environment as processes manufacturers, in Orbita Ingenieria we implement continuous improvements to increase the efficiency and performance of said processes. In our pursuit of operational optimisation, we promote productivity by including technological innovations. We invest in new process control technologies, thus improving control over complex and interactive processes, while providing greater access to plant visualisation and control.


In industries such as cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceuticals or food, it is currently necessary to have the best reactors, equipped with the latest technology to obtain the best quality results in an optimal manner.

Pasteuriser / Stabiliser

Pasteurisation is a process that eliminates pathogenic microorganisms from products by thermal treatment at certain temperatures. This is why it is a fairly important system in the food industry, mainly in dairy products and derivatives, juices and soft drinks.


Most production processes require an energy exchange between fluids to achieve optimal manufacturing and process conditions. This requires the use of heat exchangers at various points in the installation. It is critical that their dimensioning and definition are in line with the process, in order to optimise the design and avoid unnecessary energy losses, always taking into account the hygienic and maintenance level needs.

Line and batch mixers

When the change is almost daily, batch manufacturing processes allow for the flexibility that the market demands (time-to-market). If we link planning, production and manufacturing equipment of the plant through the right tools, we achieve the desired production flexibility.


Fermenters are the most demanding equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. These must create and maintain strict conditions for the desired biochemical processes to occur

Smelting vessel

In order to make products in a reactor, raw materials need to be melted and adapted in a smelting vessel beforehand. This step is just as important as the manufacture process in the reactor, since a correct melting in a homogeneous manner will increase the quality of the final result.


Agitation is one of the critical processes in the industry due to its wide application in manufacturing, storage and preparation stages of a wide variety of products. In Orbita Ingenieria we offer solutions adapted for all processes where the use of agitation processes is necessary, such as homogenisation, emulsion, dilution, chemical reaction or thermal exchange.

Pumping systems

Como parte imprescindible de cada proceso es necesario el uso de elementos externos para el trasiego de fluidos entre dos puntos de la instalación, para ello son necesarios equipos de bombeo.


Transfer and filtration lines for liquids, gases and solvents and raw materials, from prefiltration, microfiltration, separation, to sterilising filtration for pharmaceutical products preparation.

Valve manifold

Due to the variability in production and the different needs in industry, it is inevitable to have the ability to introduce different fluids or raw materials into one equipment, in many cases, valve manifolds should be used to provide the flexibility and control required by the process.

Load cells

Weighing and dosing raw material solutions in manufacturing systems play a key role in the correct control and traceability of manufacturing in any sector of today’s industry. In Orbita Ingenieria we integrate these systems into the equipment array with the aim of obtaining fully automated systems


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