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The Orbita Ingenieria proposal is to help the production quality control with a fully automatic system, avoiding problems derived from lack of ergonomics.

It is mostly based on artificial vision systems. This technology uses camera images of the objects to be inspected to extract useful information, which will be used to make decisions that may affect the production process.

The system is designed to offer high scalability in mind, being able to add new inspection areas controlled by the same equipment as needed, without a high cost or excessive integration time. The control software allows monitoring the operation in real-time and configuring the various areas and change the parameters of the application in a convenient and accessible manner. Additionally, it registers production data in real time and allows to export the results for later analysis, and can display statistics in graphs or reports.

Multi-control inspection

Artificial vision is the key to improve the quality of your production process. Using this technology, Orbita Ingenieria has developed a Multi Error-Proofing system for quality control of production lines in the automotive sector.

Surface inspection

In most industrial processes where the assembly of machined parts is produced, a high degree of precision is required in the manufacture of certain components, thus avoiding subsequent breaks that can lead to a defect in the friction zone.

Cardboard printing and die-cutting inspection

Artificial vision is the key to improve the quality of the production process. Using this technology, Orbita Ingenieria has developed a product for quality control of print lines and die-cutting cardboard or other materials.

Meat products packaging inspection

The packaging quality control system is prepared for the various packaging formats used by the food industry. Among them stands out the transparent double-sided tray format with a label which is standardised on large display surfaces. This format poses technical difficulties for most vision systems, but thanks to the R&D work performed by Orbita Ingenieria we can offer a reliable and robust system, which satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Dairy products packaging inspection

The dairy products packaging quality control system is prepared to adapt to the various packaging formats used by the dairy industry. It is possible to inspect any type of packaging used by adapting to different measures and forms obtaining optimal quality levels before being supplied to the customer.

360º inspection

Quality control in production lines is indispensable in the industry, both to ensure the quality and finishing of the products as to increase productivity and efficiency. Thanks to artificial vision-based technology, it is possible to automate the inspection processes of all types of products in the production line itself.


The technology used today is increasingly accurate, for which high accuracy and reliability in industrial measurements is required. Vision measurement allows to meet the measurement needs in both geometric elements as in shapes and surfaces, allowing the control of parts with high precision and speed, whether in desktop or large editing systems with fixed or mounted sensors on robotic tools.


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