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On-line lauryl handling and dilution

Lauryl is a key raw material in the manufacture of all kinds of cosmetics, in Orbita Ingenieria we know the complexity of its handling due to its changes in viscosity according to its concentration and the solidification capacity due to changes in temperature. We therefore offer integration and automation for reception from tanks, in-line dilution, transfer through heated pipes by electrical tracing and final storage to pour raw material directly into the production equipment.   Due to the needs of the product, in Orbita Ingenieria we pay special attention to its transport and storage, dimensioning and optimising the installation to ensure that it is obtained and stored at all times in the optimum concentration and temperature conditions.

Temperature-controlled raw materials

On many occasions we find raw materials that must be stored at a controlled temperature and agitation to prevent their solidification, or simply for their proper conservation. In Orbita Ingenieria we analyse raw material requirements, design the storage spaces and storage tanks, and provide an optimal, specific and accessible solution for our customers.


Silos for raw materials

The storage of the majority of raw materials at the plant is now essential for the supply to production without generating stock-outs. Orbita makes an in-depth study of the production process, material consumption, plant distribution and many other factors, and proposes a storage area/warehouse designed according to the needs of our customers.

Unloading of raw materials

The transfer of the majority of raw material from the storage areas to the manufacturing or mixing equipment (reactors, fermenters, tanks, etc.) is achieved by pumping equipment. The choice of pump type is essential for proper operation and long system life. Orbita Ingenieria studies all the factors involved, for example: characteristics of the raw material to be pumped, temperature maintenance, type and dimension of the source tank, distance and travel to final equipment, required flow rates, etc.

Loading of raw materials

From the tanks to the storage rooms, the transfer of the majority of raw material is carried out by a pumping equipment. Orbita Ingenieria analyses all factors that can impact the choice of pump type, which is a key factor for optimal operation and long system life.

ATEX raw materials

Storage and transfer for loading and unloading ATEX products is particularly delicate. The pumping system to be used, the grounding control, the extraction system or the oxygen level measurement in the room are some of the points to be taken into account in this type of facility.

BINs for solids

In various industries the transfer mode of solid raw materials and semi-processed solids in the plant is made by the use of IBC containers or BIN. These product containers can be custom designed for each application and manufactured ensuring user requirements, from a basic design for non-critical raw materials, to microbiological containment designs, or even limited leakage for products that, due to their toxicity or criticality, require high containment (OEL/OEB).

Pneumatic transport of solids

The diluted phase pneumatic transport is used to link the raw materials to the different points of use within an installation. It is specially recommended to transport granulated or pulverised material at high speeds and low pressures, where the material-air ratio is very low.

Clean Utilities

In Orbita Ingenieria we provide the supply and installation of purified water (PW), water for injection (WFI) and pure steam generation systems, as well as their associated storage and distribution systems – PW, WFI loops and pure steam networks – and clean and sterile compressed air systems.


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