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Retrofit in industrial machinery involves upgrading an obsolete machine.  In Orbita Ingenieria we update and automate by bringing to the maximum level the mechanical, electronic and software programming installation, or the complete machine as a whole.

The purpose of the retrofit is to enable compatibility with new systems in the production plant or to include new functionalities needed for the process, as well as safety systems or regulatory adaptation.

Retrofit projects are an advantage over the cost of purchasing new machinery. However, it is important to have technical capacity to assess the current situation and to integrate new modules or compatible hardware and software equipment, which can provide the required functionality. Orbita Ingenieria offers a highly qualified multidisciplinary team at the disposal of the project to design and implement the most appropriate technological solution for the client’s needs.

Retrofit Control Systems

Due to the constant improvement in the industrial automation market, it is common for our automated production processes to suffer the obsolescence of their equipment. Keeping our machinery alive is a migration to new technologies.

Mechanical Retrofit

Los procesos de fabricación automática, con el transcurso del tiempo, van quedando obsoletos, tanto a efectos de funcionamiento, repuestos mecánicos o seguridades. También pueden ser necesaria la actualización para el paso de nuevas variantes de producto.


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