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In all industries, due to differences in production and unloading speeds of equipment and the speed of packaging in fillers, the use of intermediate storage tanks which serve as a “buffer” for packaging processes is essential to optimise production.

Pigging stations

Due to the transfer needs between different lines, their arrangement and length and the changes between transferred products, in the industry arises the need to reduce shrinkage as much as possible and avoid cross-contamination between product change. For this purpose, the pigging systems are proposed, which, by introducing a sealed element in the line, the maximum recovery of the product from discharge to the filling or packaging point is ensured.

Transfer Lines

En todo proceso es necesario la transferencia entre dos puntos de un tipo de fluido, para ello es necesario sistemas de bombeo y líneas que permitan un correcto trasiego manteniendo las velocidades de flujo y las pérdidas de carga dentro de un rango razonable teniendo en cuenta viscosidades y comportamiento del fluido en cada uno de los puntos de la línea.


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