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Traceability has multiple benefits in an industrial process, since it makes possible the identification and monitoring of every item within the production line, from the beginning of the supply chain until its end , when the item reaches the final customer.


Mobile production incident management system

Response time in troubleshooting is critical, as is the loss of information during incidents of the affected processes. In Orbita Ingenieria we have developed an incident management system through mobile devices, where the origin of the incident, its management and traceability take place in real time, incorporating this in the ERP systems or the existing intermediate management software layers of the customer, if necessary.

IoT data capture and exploitation system

To achieve a real-time traceability suitable to any type of process, product and installation, Orbita Ingenieria integrates on one software platform, the use of different technologies, each adapted to meet the requirements requested by the needs of different customers, their products and productive environments. Always allowing a high degree of adaptation to each of them that allows to cover their entire production.


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