Steam boilers

Steam is one of the most important auxiliary services in a wide range of industries. In the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries it is used as a source of heat energy in different heat exchange equipment, being indispensable to carry out much of the manufacturing processes.

Cooling process

Cooling process systems are present in many of the food and cosmetic industries as auxiliary systems of the manufacturing processes. Depending on the temperature range, cold water or antifreeze solutions are used to lower fluid temperatures in exchangers, reactors and other equipment.

Laboratory gases

Laboratory gases comprise a series of high purity gases (N2, He, O2, Ar…) used in the industry to render products inert, create controlled atmospheres during processing and packaging, perform analytics and calibrate instruments. We design and install gas trains with different degrees of automation depending on the criticality of the process in which they are used.

Compressed air

Compressed air is a basic service in any industry, indispensable for process automation. For compressed air to be appropriate, it must not contain particles, water or oil that hinder the performance of components.

Water treatment systems

In any facility a base resource is process water or minimally treated water, whether for cleaning, entrain or production. Due to its extensive usefulness it is critical that the dimensioning and control of the installation is optimal, designing it in a manner that at any time of the process the minimum needs are obtained to perform the operations in an adequate manner.


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