Valve Island with Mixproof technology

At our facilities we are in the process of manufacturing a valve island with Mixproof technology.

With this system, you can achieve:

  • Flexibility in unloading and shipping products to different lines from different sources.
  • There is no cross-contamination, especially of CIP cleaning products.
  • Process times are optimised and it is possible to continue packaging in one line while cleaning the line that is not in use.

Our solution for high quality and hygiene requirements and space requirements:

  • Compact bench design, sterilisable, self-draining, with self-cleaning tray.
  • Design that has very present in its distribution the maintenance operations, isolating at pneumatic level each of the valves involved.
  • Fully 3D modelling, verifying with the customer in this way their placement in the plant and optimising their manufacture ensuring quality requirements.

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